Ardbeg 1998 Rare Cask #50 56.5% 0.7L


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Das Ardbeg Einzelfass #50 wurde am 28.01.1998 destilliert und zunächst in ein Bourbon Fass gefüllt. Nach 6 Jahren wurde der Whisky in ein ex-Oloroso Fass transferiert und blieb dort für weitere 16 Jahren bevor er in 2020 als 22 jährigen Single Malt mit 56.6% vol. abgefüllt wurde.

Streng limitierte Einzelfassabfüllung von nur 500 Flaschen! Dieser seltene Ardbeg wurde speziell für ein paar Ardbeg-Fans aus Asien abgefüllt. Dadurch, dass Einzelfassabfüllungen von Ardbeg fast nicht mehr erscheinen ist dieser Single Malt von Sammlern und Geniessern gleichermaßen begehrt. Ein richtiges Schmuckstück, dass bis jetzt in Europe nicht verfügbar war.

Alcohol strength: 56.5% Vol.
Content: 0.7 Liter

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Ardbeg 22 yo 1998/2020 (56.5%, OB, Rare Cask for Benjamin Tan, second fill oloroso butt, cask #50, 500 bottles) Five stars
A very interesting bottling, first matured in refill bourbon for six years, then transferred to sherry for some further sixteen years of maturation. In other words, this baby started its life as a potential Uigeadail, but luckily, it wasn’t disgorged and went on aging quietly in warehouse #3, at the Distillery. Well that’s what I understand.
Colour: mahogany.
Nose: you’re instantly reminded of some kind of smoky coffee, then metal polish, then pipe tobacco, then old copper kettles. Umami’s hovering over all this and we cannot wait to add water. Neither can we not think of the first Uigeadails indeed, which stormed Whiskydom when they came out. With water: it’s like a sea turtle, it swims better than it walks. Old coal stove, cocoa, black cigars, the tiniest drop of acetone ever, bitter oranges aplenty, and this thing that’s always brilliant, ’new electronics‘. Vegetal extracts are also showing up, soy sauce, umami sauce indeed…
Mouth: very focused, compact, almost pungent. Heavy walnut cordial, tart lemon juice, cocoa, ground coffee, Worcester sauce and ’sucking an old penny‘. Which no one should do, naturally. With water: smoked rancio, walnuts in all their possible forms, bone-dry armagnac, chocolate and coffee, then meaty, malty and vegetal extracts and sauces. Maggi, Kikkoman, Bovril… Oh and have I mentioned smoke? Finish: very long, not stuffy – not light either – with a blend of smoked tea with all those yeasty sauces and extracts we’ve mentioned before. Rather some nutmeg in the aftertaste.
Finish: it’s a thrill to compare the Quaich and this one, for they are so different and yet remain within the same family. Same super-high quality in my book.
Comments: it’s a thrill to compare the Quaich and this one, for they are so different and yet remain within the same family. Same super-high quality in my book. .
SGP:367 – 92 points.

Source The return of 1970s Ardbeg

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Hersteller: Ardbeg Distillery, Port Ellen, Islay PA42 7EA, United Kingdom
Fassart: 2nd Fill ex-Oloroso Butt
Alcohol strength: 56.5% Vol.
Content: 0.7 Liter
Info: non-chill filtered, uncoloured

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