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Armagnac Domaine de Baraillon 1985 46% 0.7L


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Armagnac Domaine der Baraillon 1985/2020 natubelassen abgefüllt.
Limitierte Abfüllung exklusiv für Wu Dram Clan.

Dieser Armagnac stammt von Domaine der Baraillon in der Bas-Armagnac Region. Er wurde nach 35 Jahren im Fass in 2020 für Wu Dram Clan abgefüllt.

Serge (whiskyfun.com) hat folgende Bewertung für eine Abfüllung aus 2018 vom gleichen Batch gegeben:

Domaine de Baraillon 1985/2018 (46%, OB, Bas-Armagnac) Five stars
I had tried an earlier 1985 by Baraillon and thought it was just stunning (WF 92). Now I’m about to send a letter to Frau Von der Leyen to complain about the fact that it appears that the Belgians seem to have built a secret pipeline that runs from Lannemaignan (where Baraillon are located) to Brussels while the French weren’t watching. Having said that, in Alsace we’re good friends with the Belgians, so I may decide to rather dispose of that most official letter, we’ll see…
Colour: amber.
Nose: where does this fantastic meatiness come from? Liquorice, Spanish ham, Bull Dog sauce, honey-glazed spareribs, green walnuts, high-class-super-duper Manzanilla, new box of Cuban cigars, cedar wood, old vinegars, furniture polish… And that thing that just always kills anything else in my book: olives. Impressive nose that reminds me of some wartime malt whiskies, Macallan, Mortlach…
Mouth: metalogical aged spirit, salty, meaty, sour, vinegary, tobacco-y, acetic… With old and fresh walnuts, raw chocolate, chen-pi, green coffee, pu-her, hoisin sauce… There’s clearly something Asian here. I suppose some brandy exegetes would state that this is a little flawed, but from a whisky drinker’s POV, I would certainly disagree.
Finish: rather long and pretty fermentary. More hoisin. Absent-minded quaffers would probably believe they just downed half a pint of amontillado.
Comments: I’m not totally sure it’s good spirit, it’s just that it is exactly the kind of profile that I like best. Remember, individual opinions only, but didn’t Plato say that opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance? (says Facebook).
SGP:372 – 93 points.

Source http://www.whiskyfun.com/2020/Cognac-vs-armagnac-an-alternative-malternative-session.html

Alcohol strength: 46% Vol.
Content: 0.7 Liter

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Hersteller: SCEA Claverie, Domaine de Baraillon, 32240 Lannemaignan, Frankreich
Vintage: 1985
Abgefüllt: 2020
Alcohol strength: 46% Vol.
Content: 0.7 Liter
Info: ungefärbt

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