It's Time to Think Outside the Whisky Cask

The Whisky Kingdom was created with whisky aficionados in mind – people who, just like myself, can tell a good dram from a bad one with one sniff.

There's undoubtedly a thrill in finding the next whisky gem. However, old whisky reserves are decreasing while their price is steadily going in the opposite direction.

It’s time to start thinking outside the box or, in this case, the whisky cask.

In recent years, many have been looking for good single malt whisky alternatives, or Malternatives . So far, all signs have been pointing to France with its centuries-old tradition of Cognac and Armagnac production.

Why French Brandy

French brandy is quickly becoming a hot topic in the whisky world. As someone who has done a fair bit of research—and tasting—I can clearly see why.

  • If you’re a true fan of whisky, you have the palate to appreciate good spirit in general. There are many high-quality Cognac and Amagnac bottles out there that just leave you wondering, “Why haven’t I tried this sooner?”
  • In the world of French brandy, high-quality and old age—and I mean real craftsmanship from the 60s and 70s—aren’t things that will break your bank. On the contrary, this is your chance of getting your hands on something truly extraordinary without blowing your budget.
  • Cognac and Armagnac don’t exist in their own French bubble. They already have plenty of overlap with the whisky world in terms of Ratings on popular whisky pages. This is a great time-saver for single malt fans who want to also stay up to date with the malternatives.

I’ll always be a fan of whisky, first and foremost. However, I can see that the malternatives are here to stay, and for all the right reasons. Together with my partners from Wu Dram Clan, I’ve already picked a few outstanding Cognac and Armagnac casks, and this is just the beginning.

Have I sparked your interest? If so, read on or go check out our recent Cognac and Armagnac bottlings.